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8 Ton wheel excavator working with Grab

Date: Nov 30, 2021 Font Size:

Product introduction of wheel excavator:

1. Electrical system: equipped with a color LCD display, with self-checking, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, good human-computer interaction, high-configuration electrical control software, and higher reliability.

2. Power system: The advanced turbocharged exhaust type engine has sufficient power reserve, which can exert the power of the engine, achieve matching, and reduce power loss.

3. Hydraulic system: Original imported hydraulic parts of international famous brands, with low power loss, fast action, good coordination of compound actions, high efficiency and energy saving, high reliability and long service life.

4. Walking system: use heavy-duty front and rear drive axles and gearboxes to provide higher carrying capacity.

5. Cab: The new cab, new interior design, wide vision, spacious and bright, user-friendly front gear mechanism, equipped with adjustable suspension seats, silicone oil shock absorption, superior driving environment.

6. Cooling system: Parallel cooling installation method is adopted, which is easy to clean, install and disassemble, and has high cooling efficiency.

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