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How To Ensure The Stable Heat Release of The Small Excavator?

Date: Aug 20, 2021 Font Size:

How to ensure the stable heat release of the small excavator?

1. About radiator and hot air

① Do not open the radiator nacelle separator freely, or make it into a heat transfer process of eddy current components. It is not necessarily free due to the influence of hot gas emission.

② Part of the exhaust holes in the engine compartment of each excavator is well-known, especially the lower protective device of the engine and exhaust hole pump should prevent the appearance and placement of items, or insist that the heat exhaust should not be blocked. Reducing the amount of air intake will increase the temperature of the passenger cabin and increase the temperature of the air intake, and electrical components will be damaged due to premature aging due to excessive temperature.

2. Pay attention to the air inlet

In addition to avoiding hot air return and ventilation areas, the most important factors affecting air volume are wind hoods and electric fans. At present, air food is mainly composed of venturi, ring and box. The direction of the fan and the hood is strictly required, and the distance between the fan and the engine is also necessary. Since the hood is usually used to improve the power of the fan, the air is more evenly distributed to the radiator core, thereby preventing hot air from returning to the engine room.

3. Intake resistance of intake air temperature scale specification

4. The exhaust temperature of the small excavator is too high.

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