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How Can Excavators Be Used Better In Winter!

Date: Sep 08, 2021 Font Size:

How can excavators be used better in winter

With the increase of infrastructure and municipal construction worldwide, winter construction has become an inevitable problem. How to ensure that excavators and other equipment can be better used in winter, the following are some precautions for the use of excavators in winter;

1. The hydraulic oil

Low temperature hydraulic oil is mainly used for equipment in cold regions, the use temperature is below -30℃. The viscosity of hydraulic oil increases due to low temperature, and the negative pressure of oil suction of hydraulic pump increases, resulting in insufficient oil supply. In order to make the operation accuracy and sensitivity of each component, the hydraulic oil with smaller numbers should be selected in extremely cold areas.

2. The fuel

Choose different grades of fuel oil mainly according to the use of the environmental temperature decision, according to the use of the lowest temperature in time to replace the injection of good fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and other oil and antifreeze. In short, the fuel label is slightly lower than the ambient temperature of more than 5 degrees Celsius. When the equipment is started, there will often be fuel "wax" so that the machinery can not start normally. This is caused by the failure to replace the fuel in time, and it must be replaced in time.

3. The lubricating oil

Lube oil usually can be divided into three categories: summer, winter, and the four seasons of lubricating oil, Under extremely cold conditions, if the use of lubricating oil of the four seasons, is likely to lead to lubricating oil in liquidity, make equipment start is difficult, damage to the engine, to reduce the starting resistance in very cold environment, guarantee the timely and sufficient lubrication components, operators can match the viscosity grade of lubricating oil according to the season.

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