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excavator parts name

Date: Feb 13, 2023 Font Size:

1. Standardize the size of the boom, the lengthened boom of the excavator, the lengthened size of the boom (including the two-section extension boom and the three-section extension boom, the latter is the demolition boom)

2. Standard buckets, rock buckets, reinforced buckets, gutter buckets, grid buckets, screen buckets, cleaning buckets, skewed buckets, thumb buckets, trapezoidal buckets;

3. Bucket hook, rotary hydraulic grab, hydraulic claw, pliers, wood grab, mechanical claw, quick change joint, ripper;

4. Excavator quick connectors, excavator cylinders, breakers, hydraulic shears, hydraulic rammers, vibrating hammers, bucket teeth, tooth seats, crawlers, supporting sprockets, rollers;


5. Engine, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, base reversal, reversal support, travel drive, cab, operation valve, relief valve, main control multi-way valve, etc.

6. Electrical equipment

7. Chassis parts

8. Hydraulic parts


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