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Excavator daily maintenance and maintenance

Date: Feb 12, 2023 Font Size:


The daily maintenance and maintenance of the excavator can reduce the breakdown of the excavator and greatly extend the service life. So, what should we pay attention to in the daily maintenance of excavators?

1. Do not tighten the bolts too tightly. During the disassembly process of the excavator, the bolts in many parts have torque requirements and cannot be changed at will.

2. The tire pressure should not be too high. Too high or too low tire inflation pressure will affect its service life and work efficiency, and it is also not conducive to safe driving.


3. Do not add cold water immediately when the water tank is boiling. When the excavator engine is overloaded, the heat dissipation is not good, or the water tank is short of water, it will cause the water tank to boil. If cold water is added immediately at this time, the cylinder head and cylinder body will burst.

4. You can’t just add the engine oil without changing it. Normally, the loss of engine oil is not large, but it is easy to pollute.

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