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How to operate an excavator

Date: Feb 16, 2023 Font Size:

Operation method:

1. The operating lever of the left-hand working device is used to operate the stick and swing. Specific operation:

Push up: bucket stick;

Pull down: stick digging;

Pull to the right: the upper body turns to the right;

Pull to the left: get on the car and turn left;

Middle position: When the left-hand operating lever is in the middle position, the upper body does not rotate and the stick does not move.

2. The operating lever of the right-hand working device is used to operate the movable wall and the bucket. Specific operation:

Push down: Boom down;

Pull up: the boom is raised;

Push to the right: Bucket feeder;

Pull left: bucket excavation;

Neutral position: When the right-hand joystick is in the neutral position, the boom and bucket do not move.

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