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Several reasons why small excavators are easy to enter water

Date: Feb 21, 2023 Font Size:

The water ingress of the small excavator will seriously affect its working performance. What are the reasons for the water ingress of the small excavator? We conclude that there are mainly problems such as broken air cushion cylinders, broken oil radiators, cracks in cylinder liners, and damage to cylinder liner seals. Pay attention to these aspects during use.

1. Cylinder gasket damage: The cylinder gasket has a certain service life, and it will be damaged in long-term use. If the cylinder gasket is damaged, the water circulation speed is fast, and the water in the water channel will flow into the oil channel. , causing the oil to enter the water. Therefore, it should be checked regularly and the damaged cylinder head gasket should be replaced in time.


2. The oil radiator is damaged: the radiator pipeline is damaged, and the water outside the radiator will seep into the oil radiator, causing the oil to enter the water. So usually also pay attention to the inspection of the radiator.

3. Cylinder liner damage: When the cooling water is in contact with the working cylinder liner, it is easy for the small excavator to produce cracks. Once cracks occur, the cooling water will directly enter the cylinder, and the oil will turn white, which will lead to poor engine combustion and white smoke. and other problems.

4. Damaged cylinder liner sealing ring: Damaged cylinder liner sealing ring will also cause water ingress in the engine oil, so it needs to be checked regularly and replaced in time.

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