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Maintenance and maintenance methods of slewing bearings

Date: Feb 22, 2023 Font Size:

1. Regularly check the pretightening force of the slewing bearing bolts. The slewing bearing is used for 100 hours to 500 hours, which is a working cycle. After the equipment stops, the bolt pre-tightening torque should be checked one by one. After a period of running-in period, every 1000 hours is a working cycle, stop the machine to check the pre-tightening force of the bolts.

2. When the slewing bearing is used, attention should be paid to the change of operating noise. If there is noise during operation, it must be dismantled and inspected immediately to eliminate the fault;

3. When pre-tightening the nut, apply lubricating oil evenly between the bolt and the nut, and tighten it clockwise several times with a matching wrench.


4. When the slewing bearings are stored in stock, they should be hoisted horizontally and stacked for storage. Do not lift vertically to prevent deformation of the rolling ring;

5. For the bolts and nuts used in the slewing ring, the corresponding bolts and nuts should be selected according to the bearing curve of the slewing ring bolts. When installing, double nuts are tightened to prevent loosening.

6. Four oil cups are distributed on the inner and outer ring gears of the slewing ring, and grease is added to the inside of the raceway from the oil cups. Under the guidance of Fenghe intelligent technicians, every 50 hours for the slewing bearing is a cycle, and the grease must be added every time, until the grease seeps out of the seal by visual inspection.

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