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Precautions for daily maintenance

Date: Feb 24, 2023 Font Size:

Daily inspection is an important link to ensure that the hydraulic excavator can maintain efficient operation for a long time, especially for self-employed individuals, doing a good job in daily inspection can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

First, turn around the machine twice to check the appearance and whether there is any abnormality in the mechanical chassis, and whether there is grease flowing out of the slewing bearing, and then check the deceleration brake device and the bolt fasteners of the track. If it is a wheeled excavator, it is necessary to check whether the tires are abnormal and the stability of the air pressure.


Check whether the bucket teeth of the excavator have large wear. It is understood that the wear of the bucket teeth will greatly increase the resistance during the construction process, which will seriously affect the work efficiency and increase the wear of equipment parts.

Check the stick and cylinder for cracks or oil leakage. Check battery electrolyte, avoid below low level line.

The air filter is an important part to prevent a large amount of dusty air from entering the excavator, and it should be checked and cleaned frequently.

Always check whether fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, etc. need to be added, and it is best to choose oil according to the requirements of the manual and keep it clean.

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