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Several fuel-saving tips for excavators

Date: Feb 23, 2023 Font Size:

1. Prevent the engine from "only working hard, not working hard"

The engine "only works, not works" means that the excavator is not working but the engine is still running. At this time, the engine is in an idling state, and the fuel is completely wasted. Therefore, it is recommended not to drive the excavator and wait for the engine to idle when it needs to be shut down for a long time.

2. Avoid long-term high-speed operation of the engine

Excessively high engine speed will greatly increase fuel consumption and reduce fuel consumption efficiency, so it is recommended that the engine speed can be appropriately reduced to improve fuel consumption efficiency without affecting operating efficiency.


3. Pay attention to the use of reasonable mining methods

When digging, it is best to avoid digging into a pit at one time, otherwise, if the digging radius or depth is too large, the power system will be too demanding, which will increase fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended that the operator adopt a segmented cycle from shallow to deep, from small pits to large pits sex mining.

4. Pay attention to the use of reasonable loading methods

The excavator should be positioned higher than the truck when loading, so that the movement of the boom is small and the fuel consumption is small. As shown in the figure, the fuel consumption efficiency of digging and loading on high platforms is 12% to 15% higher than that of digging and loading on flat ground.

5. Control the appropriate digging angle

When the forearm cylinder is 90 degrees to the forearm, bucket cylinder and connecting rod, the driving force of the cylinder is greater and the work efficiency is higher. At this time, the excavation is the most labor-saving and fuel-efficient.

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