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Don't Forget These Points When The Excavator Is Operating

Date: Aug 31, 2021 Font Size:

Don't forget these points when the excavator is operating

Don't forget these points when the excavator is operating

When the excavator is in operation, there are many models of excavators with high performance, which can meet the series of operations in engineering and construction.The excavator operators  shared some common problems, and found that individual drivers did not care about the problems when the machine started operation. It is worth noting that small problems will bury potential safety hazards if you don't pay attention to them, and we must take them seriously. So, what are the most overlooked problems of excavators?

1. No matter whether the ground is flat or not, stop working after finishing the work.

The excavator remains docked.

2. Even if the excavator inclines too much, it can still work.

There may be no problem because flood control is not provided.

3. The vehicle stopped suddenly

The safety valve of the brake hydraulic system is easily blocked, and the rotating bearing is also easily damaged.

4. Close when the excavator stops

The engine temperature is too high, especially in summer, when the water in the engine cannot circulate in the fuel tank.

5. Turn on the air conditioner, do not close the windows or doors

When I opened the window, the temperature in the cab did not drop, the cold pump did not jump, the cold pump failed for a long time, and the dust was large, the expansion valve entered too much dust, and the air conditioner may be blocked by the expansion valve.

6. The excavator can work directly without preheating

There is no water inside, it has reached the oil-water separator, there is no oil pump inside, and the oil pump will not be damaged.

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