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Precautions For Excavator Driving Up And Downhill

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Precautions for excavator driving up and downhill

Precautions for excavator driving up and downhill

Excavators usually encounter uphill situations during daily use, and some problems will occur when uphill or climbing. The following are some precautions for excavators to go up and down as summarized by technicians.

1. When the excavator is started daily, the excavator will keep driving at a uniform speed. Before starting the excavator in a slope state, according to the key analysis of the equipment's uphill and downhill posture, you must first grasp the slope angle of the slope, not to pursue too fast driving speed, but to grasp the angle and drive stably.

2. Adjust the key parts of the equipment flexibly to align the edge of the slope with the chassis and working part of the excavator, and align the drive chain of the equipment with the body to avoid problems such as displacement.

3. The vehicle body must be kept stable during the whole process of uphill driving, and rotation and other actual operations are not allowed during the operation. Strictly follow that the device cannot be rotated on a slope surface.

4. The excavator design and development department needs to strictly control the ratio between the arm and the slope, and it is forbidden to use a bucket to pick up the slope on the slope.

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