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Function Test of Excavator Filter Element

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Function test of excavator filter element

Function test of excavator filter element

There are two main methods of filter element function test;

1. Original suction resistance test, first meet the intake air of the filter cylinder, the increase of the intake air shall not exceed 3.2kpa, (the intake air, additional filter is the intake air required by the engine) it will pass through the filter of the intake port and the outlet of the pressure engine demand. There is a connection with the orientation and the cabin intake temperature, away from the barrier, the intake manifold and the intake requirements and the hot parts or as much as possible, but also to avoid hot gases into the cabin intake port the hot air in the cabin is discharged smoothly, so keep the cabin temperature as low as possible.

It can not only maintain the normal operation of the engine, but also maintain the engine and protect the engine in the reasonable and standardized maintenance process.

2. Flow resistance test, measure the pressure loss of air activity. We can calculate the dust collecting capacity of the filter element in two original filter power experiments. The dust removal rate of conventional filter element should be above 99%. Dust accumulation in the filter element forms a blockage and increases intake resistance. Reduce engine output to 5% or fuel consumption to 5%. Intake resistance is the limiting condition for cleaning or replacing the filter element.

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