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Small excavators benefit fruit farmers

Date: Feb 07, 2023 Font Size:


The planting of orchards and the growth of fruit trees require a lot of manpower and material resources. If artificial planting and digging a pit takes 20 to 30 minutes, and a long time will lead to physical exhaustion, it will take longer. If a small excavator is used in three minutes You can dig a good one, the most important thing is that the machine is not tired.

Some fruit trees take several years from planting to bearing fruit. When planting, you need to dig a hole. After planting a fruit tree, you need to turn the soil several times a year. The number of times of turning the soil varies depending on the fruit tree. What I want to talk about is the role of excavators in orchards.


During the growth and maturity of fruit trees, the soil needs to be turned over. The labor cost is very high, and large machines cannot enter. At this time, the usefulness of small excavators is reflected. The row spacing in the orchard is generally 60-100 cm. Small excavators can come and go freely in this size, which can save time and effort, so that fruit farmers can take out Put more energy into researching good varieties and growing delicious fruits.

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