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Maintenance content of excavator

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1. When the excavator is stopped, carefully check whether the anchor screws and bearing pad screws are loose, the meshing and lubrication of each gear, and the bearings, power unit, control system, brake, gearbox, track shoes, and foundation. Check parts, cables, wire ropes, bucket teeth and other parts for abnormal wear and damage;

2. During the operation period, pay attention to the operation of each motor, the mechanical transmission, and whether there are any abnormalities in the braking system, control system, cooling fan, lighting and signals. During the inspection, various problems must be found in time and dealt with in time;

3. All mechanical and electrical parts of the excavator must be kept clean frequently to prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the interior;

4. Regular cleaning and wiping is not only good for early detection of various failures, but also improves the driver's working conditions and prolongs the service life of the machine;


5. Good lubrication can reduce mechanical wear and failure during operation. Lubrication work must be carried out in strict accordance with the time limit, oil quantity and type of lubricating oil specified in the excavator manual;

6. When oiling, keep the lubricating oil circuit clean to prevent dust and impurities from entering;

7. Always check the lubrication system to ensure smooth oil passage;

8. For newly installed excavators, all parts must be filled with oil before trial operation, and the lubrication conditions must be checked in shifts within the first week of work; for excavators that have been out of service for a long time, the original Squeeze out all the old dry oil.


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