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How to locate the mini excavator

Date: Feb 10, 2023 Font Size:
Micro-excavation usually refers to excavators below 2 tons, and the width is generally less than 1.5 meters (Bestway 08 small excavation width is less than 1 meter). Micro-excavators have very good passability because of their small size. Basically, small environments can It can pass freely, has a wide range of uses, and can be used in general small construction environments.


It can be applied to various large and medium-sized construction sites, after the construction of large excavation, it can be repaired with small excavation and micro-excavation, etc. It has emerged in recent years and can be used in various small environments, such as greenhouses, gardens, fruit trees, tea gardens, etc., to dig ditches, dig holes, plant trees, level, etc., instead of manual work, greatly improving work efficiency.


There are also indoor engineering work, such as building garages in the basement of villas; there are also municipal constructions, which are used to dig urban drainage pipes, cable trenches, etc., and basically all kinds of operations can be performed more conveniently in them.

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