Excavator modified Auger Drill Rig
Excavator modified Auger Drill Rig

Drilling diameter


Drilling diameter


Power head length





1. The Eaton hydraulic motor is equipped with an overpressure protection device, which is small in size and large in torque.

2. The installation specifications have been debugged before leaving the factory. After receiving the goods, The user only needs to remove the latch at the connection of the bucket and then replace it with our power head (can be used as a quick connector).

3. The drill is inlaid with alloy teeth, and the hard layer is also unobstructed

4. The holes are clean and there is no residue of soil residue.

Different accessories is used to deal with different geological work conditions. If you needs special accessories, please consult customer service, and we will recommend the most suitable one for you according to your actual situation.

ModelExcavator modified Auger Drill Rig
Drilling diameter200-2000mm
Drilling depth0-15m
Power head weight200-500kg
Power head length500mm
Intensity range80-250bar
Flow range70-150min/l
Standard drill pipe1/2/3m
Motor brandEaton, USA
Suitable for excavators≥6t
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